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I have a favor to ask of you guys that read my stories!

Could you please go to this Google form, telling me one or two of my stories that you’d rec if asked/if putting together a rec list (with an optional explanation if you feel like giving it), and also put in your username so I can put an icon to the response in my head.

Thank you very much!

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scenes from an arranged marriage - 4k


In a universe where Zeke is the favorite cousin of the incubus king Acodiel and Tavares’s two-century long relationship with Nida is just unofficial enough that their king can (and does) interfere on a whim, relationships are tested and bonds are strained.

Notes: This is an AU of my original stuff. It’s what I’d write if I had the attention span for pseudo-historical fiction with a fantasy bent. Beta credit goes to candypinkcocks/Meeya without whom I would be lost considering I sat on the first draft of this for a hot minute with no idea what I was going to do with it.

Character bios/brief blurbs

Contains: an arranged marriage between two people that don’t want it, unwanted sexual content (with one party drugged to start their reproduction cycle and the other kind of getting sucked into it because of the nature of their species), age difference(s), something that resembles adultery/cheating (even though Nida gives permission/shows understanding, he really isn’t about that), abrupt ending, mentions of: vomit, anxiety


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State of the blog(ger)

I’m terrible at remaining on hiatus. Terrible, I tell you.

So here’s what’s up:

I am straight up not writing as much as I was before but I am still writing. I just finished posting for Unconventional Courtship (with the story I just reblogged from my main) and I have three more large-ish fandom projects lined up and a near infinite list of smaller projects I’m working on as well.

For the big projects, I will post them on AO3 and link to them either here or my main blog. For the small ones, if I remember to reblog them from my main I will, but they’re not usually ready for posting for a long time and the ones that are finished aren’t exactly fit for fannish consumption.

Currently I’m doing the Scott/Stiles Reverse big bang, the DCU big bang, and the Marvel big bang. I’m posting updates (mainly whining) on my main blog and on twitter and I’m working on world-expanding drabbles that can be posted before the main stories themselves (in the case of the latter two projects).

I can’t say that I’ll ever be 100% back to using this blog, but I do promise to try and update it once in a while because there are people coming across it and finding things that are new to them and you know I like a good ego stroking. My inbox is always open even if I am not always responsive so feel free to message me!

Thank you for reading (this post and my works) and I hope that you guys get as much enjoyment out of my works as possible!

Double Booked [Marvel, Ororo Munroe/Thor]


Title: Double Booked
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Pairing/Characters: Ororo Munroe/Thor
Rating: T
Length: 4k
"Who are you?"

After three months of travelling, all Thor Odinson wants to do is sink into his own bed. The last thing he expects is to find a stark-naked woman already there….

Ororo Munroe wasn’t anticipating company either. Thor may be six feet four inches of pure muscle and boast a disturbingly sexy smile, but a fortnight in the South of France is the one thing standing between Ororo and her sanity—and she’s not about to give it up without a fight!

Because Ororo plays to win. The problem? Thor does, too. And with only one bed between them, things are about to get interesting….

Notes: Major thanks to Vonn for looking over this story for me and to my followers and friends on tumblr that put up with me wailing about everything from the ship itself to characterization worries. Based on the book Holiday With a Stranger by Christy McKellen. Written for Unconventional Courtship on DW.


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This is a fancast for my WIP “tell me what it feels like getting over" over on AO3. This is mainly how I see the characters as I’m writing the story because I wanted to share my vision with you guys (and I also wanted to procrastinate from doing school work).


  • Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne - He’s been a go-to Bruce in my head for two or three years now. If I need a white Bruce Wayne, he or Thomas Jane are it. (Meanwhile, my list of MOC that need to play Bruce Wayne is… huge and needs a photoset of its own.)
  • Amadeus Lundberg as Dick Grayson - This one is wholly Vonn’s fault because without zir own fancasting, I wouldn’t have ever found out about this guy. (Picture used in my fancast came from zir because it was perfect).
  • Logan Lerman as Tim Drake - He’s pretty much one of the most popular fancasts for Tim to the point where sometimes I can’t actually picture anyone else in the role.
  • young!Marlon Brando as Jason Todd - Have you seen that arms + face + attitude combo? I am entirely okay with the idea of needing a time machine to cast my Jason Todd.
  • Fan BingBing as Cassandra Cain - Lilbit is always reblogging her beautiful photos and that had a lot to do with why she’s one of my most constant mental images/fancasts for Cass. 
  • Rick Fox as Harvey Dent - I have always read Harvey Dent as biracial since the BtAS stuff and from the first time I saw Rick Fox act (playing a faintly smarmy character I believe) I knew he would be my Harvey.
  • Laverne Cox as Koriand’r/Kory Anders - Laverne is a goddess. Kory’s a goddess. It works out. It doesn’t hurt at all though that what I have seen of Laverne’s acting has been stellar.
  • Storme Toolis as Barbara Gordon - I came across this actress during my (very brief) Inbetweeners phase and instantly adored her. She’d have to play older for the role though because right now, she’s younger than I am, but I think she’s perfect.
  • Halle Berry as Selina Kyle - I will never cast anyone else as Selina. Ever. I am incapable of it. I just love the idea of Halle!Selina too much to let go of (because had the Catwoman script been better, we could have had it all…)
  • Crispin Glover as the Joker/Joseph Kerr - You guys can blame a Charlie’s Angels rewatch for this. Right before I started writing and fleshing out the story, I rewatched CA and it brought back how creepy I thought Crispin Glover was for a huge part of my life. (Something about his face still unsettles me…)

When I’m writing for my story or just trying to reread it without cringing at my own writing, these are basically the people I picture as the characters so i can get a feel for them and visualize them as real people. 

I’m just super happy about this whole thing! Woo!

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Archiving Purposes

I always feel mildly bummed out when I go looking for stories and the author has removed them from the internet. Despite my attempts to transfer everything to AO3… A huge chunk of what I’ve written on this blog isn’t up there and it’d take me forever to do it.

So this blog is for archival purposes from here on out. Reblog at your leisure or read stories over.  I apologize for not being more… active in letting you guys know what I was doing with this blog. I always said that I wasn’t going to take down my stories unless I got a job that required more care on how I used the internet so… yeah.

I’ve got this attached to another blog I’m using for another fandom so if there are messages (non anonymous unfortunately), I’ll see them on that account and respond privately.

This blog won’t be updated at all after this post, but if you want to see what I’m writing/doing, I post something new at least once a week on AO3 as MissSynph and there are links to my blog and public twitter in the profile.

Thank you for understanding and for reading my stuff even though I was a huge pain about it all.