Thursday, March 21, 2013

Play Time - Baby D

Damian is fascinated by his new toy.

Inspired by this very cute picture of baby!Damian and slots into my Baby D verse where Jason is Damian’s dad.


Damian’s first real toy is a puzzle set with big plastic blocks that are the perfect size for the baby’s chubby little fingers.No matter how much Damian tries, he can’t destroy the blocks or the little wooden box that they slot into. He can’t use his teeth to scrape off the paint or scratch dents in the toy.

And boy does Damian try.

“Take that out of your mouth,” Jason says in an absent murmur as he flips through a real-estate flyer and watches Damian play out of the corner of one eye. When he looks up at Damian, the baby has somehow managed to get one point of the triangle-shaped block in his mouth and the red paint is glossy and slick from his spit.

Jason reaches out and gently takes the toy out of Damian’s mouth. “Kid, that can’t taste good,” he mutters, wiping the spit-covered block off on the front of his son’s t-shirt before handing it back to him. “Try to keep it out of your mouth, okay?”

Damian gives Jason such a stink eye. He snatches the toy away from his father as best as he can with small fingers and then looks his father in the eye as he goes back to gnawing at the plastic toy. Damian chews on the toy for a few seconds until he lets it fall out of his mouth to thud against the carpet.

“Baba,” Damian calls out in a high pitched voice, “Baba play.” He pats the toy in front of him and then looks up at Jason expectantly. “Play now!”

Jason rolls his eyes at Damian, but sets his paper aside for the moment. He’ll always be able to look at available homes later if Damian doesn’t tear it to shreds before he falls asleep, but Damian doesn’t often want to be bothered when he’s playing by himself. This is a chance that Jason just has to take.


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