Friday, March 22, 2013

Soft Landing - Baby D

Jason gets baby Damian ready to go out for a snow day in Star City.

I was talking to my niece Tomia about some stuff and she asked me to write something with baby!Damian and snow. So you guys have the world’s cutest six year old to thank for this story :)


If Jason is willing to be honest and ridiculously sappy to boot, he has to admit that Damian does look pretty cute in his going out clothes.

The red and blue snow suit makes the little kid look like a stuffed animal and Damian can hardly move his little limbs and waddle over, much less gather up enough steam to do more than grunt up at Jason and bare his little teeth in a small snarl.

“I’m sorry, little guy,” Jason says to Damian as he shrugs on his own coat. “They don’t make leather coats in your size.”

Technically, that’s a lie, but Jason can’t afford to pay someone to custom make a little leather trench for a baby that’s only going to grow out of it in a few months. Not with what money he has to set aside for apartment hunting…

Damian huffs as though he can understand his father and tries to stand up again, curling his small fingers around a piece of wood jutting out from the dresser and pulling himself up until he’s standing up on shaky legs.

Every day, Damian seems to be getting better at walking. He can stand up on his own now and can even walk a few steps forward before falling flat on his heavily padded backside when his attention wavers.

He does so now, shuffling in Jason’s direction while using the dresser in order to keep his balance. He almost makes it too. Damian gets within two feet of his father and then gets a little carried away, letting go of the dresser so that he can toddle over to where his father sits to lace up his boots.

“Be careful, Damian,” Jason warns, narrowing his eyes as he prepares to dive forward and gather his scowling son up in his arms once the little baby has fallen. “You know you still have a hard time walking—”

Damian growls at Jason and keeps walking. An unsteady wobble appears in his steps as he starts across the plush carpet, but Damian keeps pushing himself until he simply… topples over onto the floor. Air escapes from the seat of Damian’s pants when he lands hard and the baby’s eyes are wide and blue as though it’s the first time he’s fallen on his behind.

“Are you gonna cry?” Jason asks, trying not to smile as Damian rubs at his damp eyes with his gloved fists and looks absolutely miserable. He has to cave and snicker to himself when Damian shakes his head while already sniffling. “Do you want a hug?”

“Yes, Baba,” Damian says with a firm nod of his head that makes his puffy hat slide a little bit on top of his dark hair. He holds his arms up and then flexes his fingers in his little gloves. “Hug now.” Damian looks ridiculously adorable as he scowls and looks up at Jason as if to ask why he isn’t being gathered up and hugged tightly in that instant.

Jason shakes his head, laughing softly at Damian’s pouty little face and then just reaches out and snatches his son up before Damian’s scowl can twist into something sadder. He holds Damian close and then brushes his nose against the soft side of Damian’s plush cheek, sneaking a deep inhale of Damian’s baby powder and milk scent.

“Are you ready to go out and play in the snow?”

Damian nods and mutters something into the side of his father’s face that sounds like a yes. His little fingers stroke over Jason’s jacket as he wriggles close and makes himself comfortable against Jason’s chest.

“I’ll take that as a yes, little guy.”


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